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ISO 27001 Certification naturally it’s one of the most in demand the only truly global information security standard.

iso 27001 certification
Since the dawn of the digital era, information security threats have become more prevalent, malicious and costly to deal with. As businesses search for ways to improve their bottom line, many are turning to ISO 27001 certification as a cost-effective way to reduce risk and protect their proprietary data from cyber criminals. In this article, we’ll take a look at what ISO 27001 certification entails, how it can benefit your organization, and how you can get started in the process of getting certified today!
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What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for Information Security which is published by the ISO. It sets out the policies and procedures needed to protect organizations and includes all the risk controls (legal, physical and technical) necessary for robust IT security management.

ISO provides an overview of what ISO 27001 certification entails including its benefits, eligibility criteria, process requirements as well as certification cost information. 

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 Why is ISO 27001 important?

ISO 27000 helps organizations identify information security risks and implement controls to minimize these risks. This certificate will help you comply with regulations like HIPAA, SOC, FISMA etc. It sets out the policies and procedures needed to protect organizations and includes all the risk controls (legal, physical and technical) necessary for robust IT security management. Companies that are ISO 27001 certified are less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals.

Is ISO 27001 a legal requirement?

ISO 27001 is not a legal requirement, but it does help to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. However, it does provide an internationally accepted baseline for security policies and procedures which organizations can use to comply with local laws or industry regulations. And with more public data breaches in recent years (think: Equifax), many organizations are turning to ISO certifications as a way to help protect themselves against data breaches. 

Which Organization needs ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is sorted by various industries. Organizations in need of ISO 27001 certification include governments, hospitals, financial institutions, and other entities that store or transmit personal data. The standard sets out the necessary requirements to protect information assets in order to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

Principles of ISO 27001 Certification

The principles of ISO 27001 certification are as follows: – The goals of the management system shall be established.

– Risk assessment to determine what risks there are to the organization’s ability to achieve its quality objectives is carried out.

– The necessary controls are put in place to prevent risks from causing failure to meet the quality objectives.

– Management reviews the effectiveness of the ISMS and makes changes when necessary.

Finally, an audit is carried out by a qualified third party at regular intervals.

Requirements for ISO 27001 Certification?

The ISO 27001:2013 Certification Requirements vary depending on the size of the organization. The requirements are as follows: 

  1. Organizational structure 
  2. Compliance processes 
  3. Management systems 
  4. Risk management system (RMS) 
  5. Data protection procedures for information processing systems (DPSP)
  6. Physical security measures for buildings and facilities

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for Information Security. It sets out the policies and procedures needed to protect organizations and includes all the risk controls (legal, physical and technical) necessary for robust IT security management. ISO 27001 certification helps to reduce business risks by providing a solid plan that can be used as a benchmark for comparison against industry standards.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification to Company: 

Many businesses have already taken the step to ISO 27001 certification. These companies enjoy a number of benefits including improved security for their information systems, reduced risk for data breaches or other cyber attacks, enhanced customer confidence in their company, and compliance with legislation.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification to Employees: 

The most obvious benefit is that ISO certification helps to protect the company’s data. Since a single breach can result in significant financial loss, it’s important to be prepared for any eventuality. 

Reducing the risk of a data breach also benefits employees by keeping their personal information safe. For example, if an employee leaves the company and takes sensitive information with them they could threaten your company’s confidentiality agreements or even sell this information illegally.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification to Customers: 

The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for Information Security. The certification helps organizations to effectively manage their information security risks by providing them with a set of policies and procedures that are updated to reflect the latest information security risks in the industry.

This is done through all the risk controls (legal, physical, technical) necessary for robust IT security management. Organizations that have already been certified state that this certification has helped them to identify different cyber threats including data theft, system breaches or denial of service attacks.

Can an individual person be ISO 27001 certified?

Yes, individuals also can be ISO 27001 certified. But the process of certification is not as streamlined as it is for a company or organization. The process of getting ISO 27001 certified can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s recommended that you have an ISO 27001 certified lead auditor to help you with the paperwork if you plan on applying for individual certification. However, many feel it’s worth the cost because it demonstrates that they take security seriously for potential customers and clients.

Simple Process to ISO 27001 Certification

Organizations seeking ISO certification are required to undergo a gap analysis process. This is a comparison between the organization’s current quality management system and the requirements of ISO 27001. The results of this analysis will outline where improvements need to be made in order to achieve ISO certification. There are many benefits for an organization that has been ISO certified including increased customer satisfaction, increased employee morale, reduced risk exposure, etc. The cost of obtaining an ISO certification varies depending on your location or the scope of the project.

Choosing an ISO 27001 Certification Body

While ISO does not offer any certification services of its own, the organization does approve other certifying bodies to issue certification.  Choosing a certification body is a difficult decision. You want to choose one that will meet your needs, but not break the bank.  The best way to find out which certification body is the best for you is to ask yourself a few questions: Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your choice:

  1. Does the certification body have an established reputation?
  2. Is the body accredited by a reputable accreditation organization?
  3. What is the certification process? – What are the costs involved?
  4. How will my company be certified (online or onsite)?
  5. How long does it take to become ISO 27001 certified after completing the process?

How to Check ISO Certificate Validity Online?

IAF CertSearch international verification portal website will show you a list of ISO certificates issued by IAF accredited certification bodies. The certification body will provide you with a certificate number that you can use to search the listing to verify its authenticity. You just need to type in the code or name of the entity on the search bar and a list of valid certificates matching your code or name should be displayed along with their validity dates.

What is the Cost of an ISO 27001 Certificate?

The cost of an ISO 27001 certificate varies based on different parameters of a company. ISO Certifier offers ISO certificates at an affordable price to its customers. To know more about the rates, kindly get in touch with a representative from ISO Certifier.


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